We are the team that – thanks to wide and various experience and creative approach to work – can create and realize your ideas. We complete a wide range of projects. We are ready to face challenges. With deep involvement and joy, we create unique buildings and make brave visions come true. Our goal is completions of even the most difficult ideas; erection of great objects maintaining the highest standard. We are located in Poland -Lodz and employ the team of ten designers. We operate all over Poland and design for foreign customers (Belgium, Sweden, Holland, Ireland, Norway) as well. We design using state-of-the-art software - BIM (Tekla Structures) but most of all we base on our knowledge and experience.

Contact details

  • Adres:
    Maratońska 111
    94-007 Łódź
  • Tel.: +48600237006

  • NIP: 728-215-63-36

Adres korespondencyjny

  • Adres:
    Maratońska 111
    94-007 Łódź


The company has been design structures for buildings. We carry out projects in the residentail, commercial, industrial. We specialize in the construction of prefabricated, but we can also design steel structures and monolithic.

To uphold our Mission, Vision and Values we have identified a list of core responsibilities for the Structures Design Office to define what we do on a daily basis:

  • Maintain an adequate and qualified staff.
  • Establish policy, procedures and standards.
  • Performing static and strength calculations of complex building structures.
  • Creating manufacturing documentation of precast elements.
  • Drafting and BIM modelling – Tekal Structures,
  • Monitor compliance with policy, procedures and standards.
  • Acquire feedback to constantly improve our products and processes by “listening” to our customers.

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